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Mm yeah that reminds me of something I read on here about how it’s rly hard for poc to get jobs overseas teaching English bc people are racist af and only want white people to teach it for reasons

perhaps you’re thinking of this post?? 

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u have. the absolute cutest hair. and youre adorable, good night

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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u old, i am but a small nugget

haha ignore all my posts about how i hate learning and stuff college is great ha haeh ahha *pats you on the head as i loosen my necktie*

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letterman jacket from forever 21~~~~~~~

happy birthday miki bb!!! ' 3 '

eeeeeeeeeeee thank you \(^ ^)/

looks like they cut off the ass :(

how……….could they………….. to someone so young…………..

duuududeee youre going to bryn mawr?? that’s so cool my friend Emma is going there too u v u


does emma have a tumblr??

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ummm wat do u know about buttholes

if there’s one thing i know about buttholes it’s that SEX JUICE dont come out

i like when smonia reblogs my art b/c she always put comments in the tags

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where did u find the template?? :o

here u go

oh gooshh thank u so much (´ー`)

oh gooshh thank u so much (´ー`)

you go to mcdonalds, to get a motherfucking milkshake. as you walk away from the cashier, chill as heck, some kid whispers - "omg it's the pad girl!"

cut my life into pieces

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man I doubt it. your guts are 2 cool 2 hate on

thanks bud

aasaaahah thank you everybody (●´∀`●)

aasaaahah thank you everybody (●´∀`●)

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lmao I think they forgot to put the button in

omg im gonna